look beyond yourself

go ahead


there is a vast difference between “knowledge

(having the facts)

and “wisdom

(applying those facts to life)

Life Application Study Bible


the soul cannot be harmed

we can choose to ignore it or hide from it

yet it is always there — untouchable, present

we do not live without it

William A Ward

small keys can unlock great locks

simple words can reflect great thoughts

(like tattoos?)

if you were a color what would that be?

silly question, i know —

for some reason, i want to follow the image with color

(didn’t last february)

so, which?



Monkeys and Palm Trees
She sits up straight and gathers her hair to one side. “What do you think when I say yellow?”
“Sun.” He is getting used to her sudden outbursts.
“Flower.” And likes them.
“Cute. Red?”
“Grrapes.” He rolls his rs with zest.
“Oranges.” Sinjin looks at the two people who just sat next to them.
“Don’t stare. Brown?”
He smiles and sticks his tongue out. “Wood.”
“You’re a natural kind of guy. White?”
“But I am green,” she throws her head back and laughs, “or blue!”


of Corbusiers and Masters

She exuded color, a dark aura of an almost physical, luminous light that enveloped her from top to bottom and all around.

“Do you enjoy it?”



enter through the narrow gate

for small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life

who gets to the entrance?


doesn’t even


faster than the speed of light


impossible to control

never stops

princess zig-zag

the secret lives of Princesses

Philippe Lechermeier

be simple

be tender

be true

People suffer at the thought of being without . . .

TAO 42

why suffer at a thought? there are many things to suffer about — a thought shouldn’t be one of them

it helps no one, changes nothing, affects you

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