J.R.R. Tolkien

Letters from Father Christmas

one day i will send you a picture of my deer-stables and harness-houses.

i am expecting that john, although he is now over 14, will hang up his stocking this last time; but I don’t forget people even when they are past stocking-age, not until they forget me.

one step at a time – one prayer

one hope

one anything

to begin the realization

and fulfillment of

our souls

Ecclesiates 10

calmness can lay

great errors

to rest

J.R.R. Tolkien

well here comes christmas! that astonishing thing that no ‘commercialism’ can defile — unless we let it

do we blend into one another

w/out realizing what we’re giving up

or acquiring?

Golf in the Kingdom

Michael Murphy

i met that uncanny look for the first time

something wild and serene,*

for a second the space between us wavered

has that ever happened to you? when something that shouldn’t or couldn’t happen happens?

Tao Te Ching

from verse 19

see with original purity

embrace with original simplicity

reduce what you have

decrease what you want

Mine To Give

Falling Off

“It’s called coquito and has rum.”

“I know what it is.” He turns a deeper shade. “Thank you.”

“You’ll be at the wedding tomorrow?”


“You’ll meet her beau then,” Tina sits on the arm of the couch, “the Scottish knight that has captured her heart.” At least she whispers to Miriam.

proverbs 11

a kind man benefits himself

luke 12

where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests
luke 2

on a super mundane note:

moved my desk yesterday and i’m basking in the newness of it

— so simple!

Tao Te Ching

from verse 55

a gentle heart — this is your strength

* that fragment arrives in my mind sometimes, like this morning
it is so vibrant, yet calm
i write lines or paragraphs that move me, have notebooks of fragments and sentences, so it is easy for me to recall them — writing is a way to attach words to me, an extension. i write to retain. does that make sense?

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