you will find that you are tremendously expansive …

you can move from the finite

to the infinite

Michael Singer

The Untethered Soul

being is not something you think

it is what you are

one is

i am

you cannot do ugly things

to people

and expect to live

a beautiful


Instagram Reel

which I cannot find to credit

if i had my heart over to give

i’d wrap it in the ocean

string it with the stars

make a bow of light

and write

on the


Lady Lee Andrews

worrying can so easily become an indulgent habit

New Beginnings

24 August

are you pretending to … hmmm, never mind.

are you pretending?


—even attempted virtue—

brings light

indulgence brings fog

CS Lewis

mere christianity

why yield to temptation and put yourself in bondage?

temptation: anything + all one should not do, say, at times think
we are capable to resist + not do wrong
especially what we know is wrong

there is confusion only in the ego

and we empower it

reclaim the power:

offer truth to



all times

have you spotted princess anne phibian?

chatted with princess babbling brooke?

they are too grand to stay concealed in the back of a palace or at the top of a tower.

… they have been hidden so well,
some no longer even know themselves

the secret lives of Princesses

Philippe Lechermeier

your perception of your identity is not always the truth


hmm, though the truth is not what we perceive, truth is what we know

deeply + honestly know

almost deleted the phrase, but i think there’s a message in the now more complete scribble

can you be free of


Tao Te Ching

verse 10

what you give

you keep

is it your ego or

your spirit

reasoning, talking, acting?

spirit doesn’t judge or condemn.

or fight.

how much (and often) does your ego limit you to the power + freedom within you?

“where did you go from there?”

“from where?”

“from the rice fields.”

“i flew to bangkok, then trekked west to the andaman sea.”

she turns her head up to look into his eyes, her voice sodden with incredulity.

“the water there was pure and clear, like a pool. it was unexpected — as if someone had transported me from the bustle of a market in phuket and planted my soul in iridescent bliss.”

he will allow no one to take her out of his life. no one.

she may walk away from him, as she’s done before, but he prays she sees that they belong together. forever.

Like A Blue Thread

become an active part of creation in truth

open the gate to your soul

you know it’s in there, waiting to proclaim peace + leave behind the lies + illusions of the mind


how often do you do, think, and say what you perceive is secret?

there is no such thing

to commit to the path of well-being, you must be open to the truth, your truth too,

and to reality

there is no other way — the mind not even a consideration

when minds are closed,

even the clearest presentation of the facts

can’t open them

Life Application Study Bible

“crashing waves roll and disembark on a beach where sands that no wave could reach lie with thirst.

there is immense vastness everywhere, still and quiet landscapes where we become loose grains in a world of sky and earth, untamable, unreachable.”

at times, when she’s not there, he hears her voice. it is what he cherishes most. but this is her — he doesn’t need to pretend. 



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