daily, hourly

our choices matter in the design

of this world

of our spiritual world

of the peace in our souls



set your minds on things above

not on earthly things

and be thankful

in all that you do and say:

are you building walls

or bridges?

Like A Blue Thread

Shimmering Blanket of Diamonds

caught between a seamless backdrop of sky and ocean, they conspire like tribes, their surroundings primal, the pacific lapping at their feet while the night courses through a fraction of eternity . . . natural, primordial

when was the last time you did something for the first time?*

F. Scott Fitzgerald

the world only exists in your eyes — your conception of it. you can make it as big or as small as you want to

how unholy are we to the holy?

Elizabeth Gilbert

eat, pray, love

to know god,

you need only to renounce

one thing —

your sense of division

from god



seek peace




are you



be laid


The Untethered Soul

Michael A. Singer

the secret of the ascent

is to never look down

always look up

today, i am grateful for:

. the word . summer rain . a friend . scents . chances .

take them

Gift From The Sea

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

the past and the future are cut off; only the present remains.

existence in the present gives island living an extreme vividness + purity.

every day, every act,

is an island.

there is life out there

beyond the sphere of my body and world.

it follows me + speaks, has me in its grasp.

most often, i endeavor to slip away,

turn, walk, go unnoticed.

but i am a princess

and my beauty is to reign**



precious and honored

in my sight

we each carry a message:

what is yours?

is it obvious?

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* question from a bella grace magazine
** i don’t think too much of myself — i don’t think of myself enough