True Love

Lady Lee Andrews

in my heart


refreshing waters

of love

you can always find,

when in the desert

of the lost


that thirst inside

your mind

Tao Te Ching

verse 45

be tranquil

like the rain of spring

be pure

like the sheen of silk

The Pleasure of My Company

Steve Martin

… sooner or later everyone, guided by principles of entropy, will inadvertently knock on everyone else’s door.

(i had to look up entropy
interesting word — has different definitions and i couldn’t decide which to reference)

. be still . for a moment .

before you begin

or say


Gift From The Sea

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

it is not physical solitude that actually separates … but spiritual isolation

examine your motives,

then focus and invite yourself

to watch and listen

try it

R. Arnold

so, if you are too tired to speak,

sit next to me,

because i, too, am

fluent in silence

there is a place in us all where death cannot enter.

when you find it,

dwell in it

War and Peace

Leo Tolstoy

we should enter everyone’s situation

Tao Te Ching

Verse 52

only the inner light

illumines eternity

only that light

can guide us

back home

honestly consider

every door


John 15

remain in me, and i will remain in you.

no branch

can bear fruit by itself;

it must remain

in the vine.

does the soul change?

i believe not


it’s why the mind does

The Diaries of Adam and Eve

Mark Twain

stars are good, too …

i wish i could get some to put in my hair.

when they first showed, last night,

i tried to knock some down with a pole.

“When Sèan told me he would read from Stevenson, I rummaged through Miriam’s books and found

The Diaries of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain.”


pride + fear =

deplorable enemies of the soul

walk. away.

from them

The Problem of Pain


… a secret attraction … something not to be identified with, but always on the verge of breaking through …


god speaks.

learn the language.



Discerning The Voice of God

Priscilla Shirer

do not slander or dishonor anyone

offer what you say and do,

and pray for guidance

about everything

wisdom is a whisper away



the wisdom that comes from heaven

is first of all pure.

it is also peace-loving,

gentle at all times,

and willing to yield to others.

it is full of mercy and good deeds.

it shows no partiality and is always sincere.

when we pick and choose

we are turning away.

stay in the moment

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