enthralled by your beauty

psalm 45:11

we all have beauty to unveil:

man, woman, child — I not only believe this, I know it.

While reading this morning, I came upon a passage of a woman speaking of her wedding day not being what she expected and how many, many years later, she wanted a photo in a white wedding dress because she chose off-white when young.
I cried because I looked for any color but white six years ago. Tried on over half a dozen beautiful and all perfectly fitting dresses I had brought into the dressing room. But I also had a white one, which I tried last. And it was more perfect than any of the others. To boot, I also brought a white cap and veil, and when I put it on I knew it was right. I got changed in a flurry, hung the others outside the room, gathered everything white, and bought it.

i was out during my lunch hour

It was December. Was engaged in November and wanted to get married in spring, which we did. I was sad before I went out and drove to a non-profit thrift store (Blessing Barn), where I had purchased dresses for parties. Stunning dresses for unbelievable prices (I’m talking ~$20-25). I could afford any dress I wanted, but that’s where I went. Not so much to look but to get out of the office. And found the dress. Some of my friends were horrified. A few weeks later, I brought the dress to the cleaners and told the owner what the dress was for, where I bought it, the price, and added that I would be looking for a real dress in the meantime. He said he couldn’t guarantee that the glitter would not stay on the fabric.

yes, glitter

but almost visible glitter. 😉 I was out (with my now husband) searching for a dress and choosing wedding bands that Saturday when I saw an unrecognizable number on my cell. It was the man from the cleaners. He told me he asked his wife to go in with him to help him with the dress, and then he said, “You are going to love it.” I stopped looking for dresses. My boyfriend (seemed so silly at our age to call him that, but I have never liked the word fiancée) reiterated that we could continue to look for dresses anywhere I wanted to go. But I said I’d rather wait.

no, i don’t have a portrait

don’t need or want one, but have beautiful photographs all over the house of that wonderful day. And yes, I paid more for the dry-cleaning than for the dress. And I’m OK with that. =)

Went to a bridal dress appointment yesterday (1st ever) with a handful of women and, of course, thought of that day because someone asked me where did I get my dress.

So I searched through the blog posts in my Scrivener binder and found that I had already written about it  (although I did not date it! Whaaat?) and only needed a photograph.

i love when that happens