Thought of this card (its words, really) yesterday while I showered and found it today while looking for another card.

don’t know why I thought of it
it is so me.

I used to drink coffee before going to work, and some mornings brought a mug in the shower with me. There was a tiled surface on the back of the shower, and I could put it there or just hold on to it and sip while the water poured over my skin. I thought that was indulgent.

something so simple

The card is not dated (!!!), but I know I gave it to my husband before we married. He has always said I am complex. Of course, I am the opposite, but because of dreaded expectations, I go out of myself, or most often so inside myself that even I can’t find me.

it’s like with shoes:

I’d rather be barefoot, but since I must wear shoes, in defiance, I want to wear different shoes as often as possible. As if to say THERE! (but … to whom?)

I intended to end this post four sentences ago! ☕️ Good grief.