pink + brown

+ baby blue:

taken from a sticky note on my laptop from earlier in the week
for some reason, this pops up in the fall

My mom was (and still is) very neat and prim and clean about everything — the apartments, clothes and hair, things. She still goes through her tiny apartment with a fine-toothed comb (more like a white glove). Every time we speak, she has just finished or is in the middle of rearranging and clearing kitchen cabinets, washing curtains, updating her drawers — ‘you know how things move in there after a while’ — etc.

We were three children who grew up with my mother, although eight all together via divorces and re-marriages. But we three have the neat + prim thing, though yours truly the very least. What I have more than the neat is the prim (even if lately I have left the house shaking my head at the way I look, but fearing I may stall or get side-tracked, I get in the car and go).

As children, we didn’t lack necessities, but we were of modest means. Lived in a small although three-bedroom apartment yet went to private school, thanks to the generosity of a marvelous man.

I can still picture the room and the closet I shared with my younger sister. There wasn’t much hung in there — an advantage of wearing uniforms, for one. But what did hang in there meant much to me. That’s where the pink + brown + baby blue come in (and that green flower girl dress 🤩).

I owned three short pleated skirts with mock neck short-sleeved sweaters, believe they were pink, blue, and green little numbers. To tell the truth, I only remember wearing one to a doctor’s visit — can’t remember everything. Like, for example, the brown that I associate with the pink + baby blue.

but there it is:

I love the combination of THAT brown with THAT pink or with THAT baby blue. And there’s a sticky on my laptop to remind me to look for and find them. I wonder if Mami will remember those precious outfits.

i know it isn’t autumn yet, and this is as unnatural as heck for me to think, talk, or even write about, but it’s what i chose to do