the last three posts fall under the reflections cat(egory)

Must mean I am more introspective than usual. (?) Yellow pad and black pen in hand — no Moleskin writing system, no keyboard, although I am facing an iPad and a laptop, no morning reading yet, even though the darkness of dawn has dispersed to unveil still rainy skies. Looking at the cats as I write this, I sense a gentle push.

I have reached a new threshold. I know it, get it, but to where or what is unclear at this moment. So, I’m thinking of turning my day topsy-turvy (in utter confusion or disorder). Do things differently.

CS Lewis thought and often wrote that it (and he was as much in the dark about what it is) is simpler than we make it out to be.

I subscribe to that. As much as I want to pull inward into the source of my being, I have to expand, explode kind of, simultaneously. explode: to burst as a result of pressure from within

The words centrifugal and concentric have spun in my mind lately, and perhaps it’s not to write about but to act upon them. centrifugal: proceeding or acting in a direction away from a center or axis. — concentric: having a common center

So amazed at the interrelation and how the brain knows the meaning of words without my awareness. Happens quite a bit. I have to look up words I say or write to ensure they mean what I think. Almost always, they do. I don’t think it’s because I’m smart, but because my mind is open.

My husband will never agree w/ that =)

Turning my disorderly existence topsy-turvy may mean putting it right side up.

what a novel idea!

This post was initially about writing and, although it may not seem to be, it is—all of it.