It happens sometimes. A lightbulb goes off (well, on, actually), like this morning before I got out of bed: use Spark to post | create snippets and quotes. Yes, there are sparks, and there is such a thing as Spark — a social graphics app. And it may work. This landing page is rough, and I don’t love it, but it’s something.

check it out here

it was only last week, not even a week yet, that I resolved to work on my novel, and here I am creating a landing page for quotes & snippets although, I did say on the Back Burner post that I should ponder how and where, but still …
perhaps because I wrote today and feel accomplished that I side-tracked myself?

what matters is not so much the events and circumstances of life, but your response to them
NIV p. 77

Thursday morning, April 23rd

another bulb came on: post snippets & quotes on social media?
may mean a tad more work (don’t know), but it may also mean i will do things differently, and learn and expand my horizons — and that’s always a good thing