Yesterday afternoon I perused my site (web) and read a sentence I like a lot — perhaps not in itself, but what’s behind it:

“the ending remains the same, the characters do not”

I cannot write or explain much about it, as it would divulge the crux, but suffice it to say that I have not asked for advice. Will presently check if indeed I re-wrote or revised the last few chapters that would need changes. Three and a half, or three quarters to be exact. No, only the crux page, now two chapters earlier than in the original. Hmm, shall I tackle this Now? Shrug. WHY?

While reviewing this note, a light went on! Moot issue. The “discovery” happens in another novel. See, a friend who read Mine To Give returned the manuscript and asked, “When will the next one be ready? Are you already writing it?” Emphatically I answered that there is no sequel! The thought never occurred to me. She said she had too many questions, that there were loose ends. There are no loose ends.

there is one big loose end

Yes, I believe most readers would wonder the same. Although a secret shaped the characters and the plot, only the reader and a minor character become privy to it. But the purpose of the novel has nothing to do with the secret. SHOULD IT? I knew exactly how the main character could find out the secret, wrote it, and knew the rest of the unfolding would need changing but didn’t do it. Was going to offer two different endings. I know that’s been done before, and thought it cool. 

then I had an even cooler idea (to my mind =):

incorporate some of the characters in the current novel, therefore continuing their story, although not the main story, if there’s room for it. There is. So I did it + added characters from another novel because the ending of that novel was left up in the air — literally =). Must be a theme of mine.


ˈkrəks, ˈkru̇ks — a puzzling or difficult problem, an unsolved question — an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome — a main or central feature (as of an argument)

While looking for a specific phrase I came upon the IMAGINATION post which is almost identical to this one! Pondered for a moment whether to delete this, but thought better of it for some reason. Don’t know what reason, but here it will remain. Shall REVIEW all posts before engaging in a new year of posting. HA, how funny! The title of this post is reviewing. This brings my tangential mind to the circles that continue revolving around me. Must post the mess of notes I have on that, to which I alluded in CIRCLES.