It has been raining for days, and the landscape gray. Reminds me of a friend who commented that rain played a big part in my novel. I wasn’t aware. It just happened.

perhaps he was right

Rain may play a part in my writing. Now that I think of it, rain is part of the landscape in my first novel too. In crucial moments or to make a point, though not as much as in Mine To Give. Interestingly (to me), there’s only

one episode of rain in my current novel

but it’s a doozy — not the rain, but what happens to the characters after the rain. Sorry, can’t say more than that.  A Tale To Tell (if I keep the title) is a different monster (novel) altogether. I laugh. It’s the only monster, the other novels just happened. This one I am crafting and making happen, planning, sort of, as much I can plan. The three novels are

quite different from each other

Presume that’s because I was (am) at different junctures in life, both internally and externally, and the prism of writing reflects it. Could I just write regardless of what’s inside of me? Mmm, doubt it. I write because of what is inside of me. And it’s not that I write about rain, anyway, but about my characters on rainy days. I think rain is telling, that somehow a tiny part of us comes out of its shell, and is exposed, when it rains.

what do you show and tell when it rains? i mean, what do people hear and see? what do you?

just a thought

This photo makes me think of Aachen, Germany. Must write @ it. Aachen is a jewel of a town that I cherish because it is precious and because of the friend | colleague who lived there and showed me around. I have been am so fortunate.

considering listing here the rainy moments

in my works but that may take more time than I am willing to spend. Not what I should or need to do, yet what I want to do. But there are so many other duties + needs + wants!

So I stop for a moment and consider what is most important to me and to my circumstances today, and rainy moments will have to wait. Maybe until later or another day or perhaps never — they are already in the novels. Why post about them when it’d be best to read them where they belong? If someone wants to analyze them, then someone could list them.

there: decision made