but one morning, he became a Scot. I had been to Scotland years before and was infatuated (which I continue to be) with the country. He had always been a golf course architect … golf and Scots. It made so much more sense!

new year
where the unraveling begins

The clock strikes midnight and resounds in the quiet of night. One.

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The coal and coins and bread and whisky he had placed on the front porch to carry into the house for the New Year are useless, totally worthless. Fortune and fire are not what they need. Not what he needs. And if she doesn’t figure out what her real needs are, he will lose her.

Anger surges through him at not knowing what to do.

MINE TO GIVE | Under The Sun

New Year’s Eve still reminds me of Sinjin Hunter. Not so much of what happened, but of the man to whom, and who made, it happened. Confusing, I know. “READ THE BOOK” — that is definitely for another day.