I have mentioned enough,

for sure, that I read in the mornings, and that I love CSL. He wrote THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, and when excerpts from that book appeared in the Daily Readings book, I skipped them, didn’t like them at all. Then I read some. Finally, I read them as they happened — I’ve been reading the daily readings for years. Last week I purchased the book. The letters are from Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood, who is a junior tempter. The enemy they fight is God.

It is clever, yet I can read it only by transposing names and pronouns. And because I am reading the “Letters” instead of excerpts from other books, the effect is impressive. Some days I read more than one letter.

While reading today, I stopped to write, and more than one answer — not answer, but an opening, or a background, a line, cannot find the proper word — appeared for the novel. Perhaps solution? I wrote a conversation (what makes up most of my writing epiphanies), which I will expand in different directions, give depth to characters, substance to the tale. All because I was open to what I read and open to write. The subject is it. Right.

often times I pull away

from real and imagined duties because I don’t want to spend any effort on “it” WHEN USUALLY “it” requires little — or less than what I anticipated — or no effort at all. Many times I walk away from receiving. Suddenly, so much makes sense. Over and over, I discover how easy it is to be sensible. And the more I discover it, the more I see (sense?) it. It’s a “viscous” circle. =) movie line, I know it’s vicious.

There’s a napkin on my desk filled with writing on all sides — titled WHY DO PEOPLE LIE? It’s been sitting there for almost two months because I cannot make up my mind whether to incorporate it into the novel or post it. I have already posted some of the napkin quotes, so I will cross those out and see what’s left. And see what to do with it.

i was going to write

but my husband is sitting behind me on a couch waiting for me to get up, get dressed, and go with him to Home Depot, BUT I AM IN SUCH A CREATIVE BUBBLE! Doesn’t he see that? Silly question, woman. It is to get something I want, which I could care less for at this moment.

to stay or not to stay, there are so many questions

=) I truly love that Hamlet line. May post all the already written posts, which I push aside looking for new ideas or old ones in boxes while so many are RIGHT HERE, already typed!

quite an insightful morning

I think my mind and fingers on the keyboard and notebook race because of the impending doom of having to stop what I want to do for something else.

if i think of this a bit longer i’ll find a jewel