This above all: to thine own self be true


Wm Shakespeare

As much as I doubt, I am meant to write


tabitha is the name i discovered to be mine

When I was young, I wished any of the following were my name: Penelope, Carolina (in Spanish it is so much more beautiful! like Laura), Ursula, Priscilla, in that order. But in 2009, listening to a podcast, the question of what are you called brought up Tabitha. My eyes watered, and I knew.

there was a woman who lived in Joppa …

Tabitha is an Aramaic word, which in Greek is Dorcas, which means gazelle. Yes, a deer. A poignant thing in my heart. A sigh of wonder that is too personal to convey.

digressed a smidgen

This was going to be a post about writing, but my mind took off from being true to what I desire and what is in my heart to being true about who I am. In both cases, the focus is on truth. So I’m beginning to think that I don’t digress or get sidetracked when my hands run for pen and paper or when what I set down spills into something else. It’s what I do. I digress when I go on tangents. Or no, maybe not. Perhaps that is precisely where I should go when I go.

Grammarly just informed me that precisely (suggested in place of exactly) is a squinting modifier. I had never heard of such a thing. Now I know. And I disagree it is one, so the sentence will remain precisely as is. =)