writing, editing, reading, blogging,
quasi-gardening, decluttering,
a little yoga here and|or there, plus blah, blah, blah —

but I want to slow down the non-stop nonsense: exchange FOMO for JOMO. It’s what I crave, but there is so much I want to do, and like to do, and <<sigh>> think I should do. There is not enough time, it seems. Yet, when I make the time (set aside blocks, schedule myself, have whatever I need ready: be that silence, hot water, my phone off), the time is there. Or here. Wherever. It magically appears! And not only that,

i find that after accomplishing what I want,

there are still hours for other things. So for me, the key is to plan a little and follow the plan as much as possible, especially in the morning. When the foundation of the day is solid or accomplished, the rest usually follows suit. I experience this every time I stay on course, yet not do it all the time. (!)

So I am translating MINE TO GIVE. Ha, right? Like I need a new box to check off; that was the impetus for this post. 😁 It was going swimmingly too (or splendidly, whichever you prefer) until today. As the novel and characters get more intricate, so does the language, it seems. Or perhaps I am getting bogged down. It is still necessary and as fun as at the beginning — well, hmmm. For sure, though, it is fun to re-read it. I obviously enjoy it thoroughly even though it’s maybe, if I had to guess, my hundredth time reading it? Give or take? I am not exaggerating. But on the translation:

I now have doubts about its efficacy.

ef·​fi·​ca·​cy |  ˈe-fi-kə-sē: the power to produce an effect

The synonyms match what I meant to say better, but there it is.

i ponder about all i do, yet …