about writing + dreams
monday, august 17, 2020

Talked to Mami yesterday — did not get to tell her about my cold | allergies and it’s probably a good thing. We went on tangents and laughed so much! She is funny and witty and super clever. We spoke a week ago, I called her on our way to Maine, and it was the same, so I told her (and reiterated yesterday) that she should

write about her life

She thought about it — I am not kidding, I could HEAR her thinking — before she heartily laughed.

I explained that if she doesn’t want to write about everything per se, to use her EXPERIENCES. “It’s what I do,” I said. “Then make up whatever you want, fictionalize, tell a story, make people or circumstances they way you want them. Make someone taller, give a name you like, etc.” I think she liked the idea. 

will send her notebooks + pens

for her birthday in September. Anyway, as we talked, she stopped to enthusiastically tell me about a dream she had recently — of me as a little girl.