searched for “jewel” through the blog to tag a thought and found it

but I’m not tagging it anymore because — just because. It’s one of the last lines that I was looking for: Because I am usually pondering what next or what’d be better? Then I see that on January 26 of this year, I felt like I was grabbing at straws. Now I feel like I am in a holding pattern. Is it all the same?

What is interesting, just as at this time last year, is that I want to write every day in a specific way because my novels (yes, novels) have about thirty chapters each — although the one I am writing (not editing or translating) may have more than thirty. But not yet. I am a few days behind, but that’s Ok.

don’t know why, but i am glad

as I’ve been in a tremendous funk (not the kind I like to listen to). This structure now gives me hope, something to look forward to. Sounds like a goal (yuck), but it isn’t. It’s more … magical? than that. Hmm, me likey.

could ask how many times

do I have to go through this, but what’s the use? I am not as disciplined as I wish to be, but I strive. There is a long-sought place where I belong, and my feet are on the path. That’s all I know. So I will follow.

hunger is not always of the belly or the mind

desire is also of the spirit