You never thought of it?

It has to happen. We have to stop and think: it’s like periods. They have to happen too. We just have no control over them. Sometimes we stop, sometimes we don’t. Like using commas, or semicolons; but they happen. They’re necessary.

April 20, 2017 7:47am 1:42 secs

It seems I did not turn off my cell phone, as it recorded driving sounds and me touching stuff as I drove.

The original thought, which, yes, continues to revolve in my mind sometimes =), is that the word for such travails is sublimely disguised as a hint. Maybe. I mean, really.

Wrote the snippet below at some other time and figured it is apropos to include it here, although it could very well be part of a funny conversation.

there is no farewell, no announcement, no way to know

No last sh-bang! Just men-o-pause. Period. 😄 No Bye, nice knowing you. No. It just goes.