April 17, 2014 7:26am :54 secs


with people that make me happy

(blinker sound in the background)

Sometimes there’s many of them + I’m very happy — sometimes not many people make me happy. So I’m not around a lot of people. Also, I said, ‘She should, she’s old enough to not be in so much turmoil,’ and realized that it has nothing to do with age.

wisdom does not give us peace,
faith, belief in our mind,

(blinker goes off =)

our minds, give us peace

I also want to have a title that begins with LIES or that is LIES.

And I also thought of having the title at the end, and then, actually setting it up in the contents with the first sentence of the chapter. But I think that’s being done a lot already.

many of the voice memos are a little erratic, forgive me, as they were thoughts that ran through me as i drove or was in the middle of something or somewhere and was unable to write.

some i don’t get and shrug, but most of them are still vibrant

listening to this memo induced me to write a snippet about lies

may post soon

it’s more than six years since i recorded that memo and i get it,
though i don’t think our minds give us peace,
but that peace frees our minds

hmm, perhaps peace of mind is peace