SHE’S-GOING-ON. Sigh! Here I am, thousands of days** in a year and I am STUCK with someone named: Pipi. Maybe she’s named PIPI because people have to use that excuse so they can get away from her. But I can’t get away from her.

these are the thoughts

that go through my mind when I am blow-drying my hair in the morning. I can’t stop them. I have to write them down.

it just happens like that

11/19/13 – 5:23 p.m.

New Recording 19 :32 secs

presume these are much funnier to listen to than to read. i post these voice memos to remember things, as well as a reminder of the wonder of spontaneous thought

* making sounds like a bee buzzing, sort of =>

** must have meant thousands of hours or hundreds of days, but in my haste to record it messed up

i am at another crossroad: the amount of snippets & scribblings are overwhelming, and it may be time to a) burn them b) type them c) … there is no c. have some weighing to do