So the way to the future is to make sure that EVERYBODY that can be part of the future is well-prepared. Only YOU can prepare yourself. Only YOU can wish to be prepared.

People can’t put you in places so you can prepare yourself, or hope that you prepare yourself.

Yes, many people need help, but YOU. NEED. TO. WANT. IT. 

One can’t just IN-CLUUUU-DE people and expect things to just happen.

If we look at people differently,
they’re gonna

11/07/13 ~ 8:36 am :46 secs

Must have been listening to something I didn’t quite agree with on the radio. And it seems I was late for work. =\ IT and THINGS? How vague. Definitely meant more in context, but I still get it. 💡 Although wanting (by sheer will) and opening up are so vastly different. Have learned that since then.