i am not certain when they started

I got a slim and cool voice recorder long before I got a cell phone — I was one of the last holdouts against it. Refused to own one for years. So a sleek little recorder was the thing to own for when I wanted to set down my thoughts but could not write. Wonder where in my things it is, if I still have it.

Anyhow, since I got a cell phone, I record conversations, ideas, a song title from which I can expand a story, whatever I need to set down, mainly while I drive. And I have, wait, gotta get my phone, 205 recordings. That doesn’t seem like a lot.

these recordings started on april 25, 2012

I have discovered, think I knew this already, that the first 64 recordings are lost, they are inaudible. =\

i will write some of the other 141

Doubt I will post them all, as some are very personal and a few are unintelligible — either because my voice was garbled or I was in tears (whether laughing or crying). This audible batch of recordings started on October 14, 2013.

Well, it seems that I have lost a lot of the voice memos — which is really ironic because quite recently I deleted them as a playlist in iTunes. Double =\ =\

will pick them at random