quite funny

I must admit. 😁

Going through a bag

of papers and photographs and articles and cutouts I have looked for β€” stuff β€” I found a folder with my original birth certificate and social security card, amongst other things. I checked the time of birth again (I’ve always disliked it, don’t know why), and it hasn’t changed. I presume I looked in case I remembered it wrong, but no. I told my husband about my find.

He asked, “In Spanish?”
“Of course.” So I showed it to him. I never paid attention to it. He did. The titles of the boxes | fields that had to be filled-in were in Spanish and English.
“You come from area 152.” He laughed. “Now everything makes sense.”
I asked “Where?” trying not to laugh. He gave it to me, pointed, and continued laughing. “Yes.” Was all I could say.
“I see the whole picture now.” He was still laughing. “I get it.”

he is so funny

So I researched. πŸ€“ Area 152 is the SSA code for the island of Puerto Rico. He is from Area 138 (Rhode Island). Should I tell him or save it for the right time?

Interestingly, Puerto Rico has a Highway 152 and Rhode Island a State Route 138.