Was about to post (albeit a day late) when I noticed something amiss. I hadn’t updated a handful of plugins that help this site function, and I think not being updated broke something. The images I had on sliders are now plopped one under the other. ☹️

This means I have to manually re-do.

yesterday’s post may go out the window

I must fix this before anything else. Have to find the posts with sliders and reinstate them + the images so that one can view one after the other. I don’t like broken things, never have, even if they can be repaired — usually throw them out. Have always felt this way. Sigh. I had such high hopes for today … although it’s not the end of the world.


do what must be done

on time

thursday, august 26th

while reviewing posts, saw another broken feature, so repairing the site took me longer than anticipated. as we say in spanish: el vago trabaja doble = the lazy works double.
i wasn’t lazy, per se, just despondent because i had to do something else before updating — which i had never done and still haven’t, so took a major risk that could have meant a full site break.
if i could just find someone wordpress-savvy to help …

dripping sarcasm this early morning