i am not a doughnut person

Well, I wasn’t. First: because I am not a sweet lover, although I am a sugar lover. There’s a difference. Plain old-fashioned sugar: oooh yea. Second: a woman who worked at a doughnut shop tried to talk me out of buying doughnuts when I wanted one very badly. For me to go into a shop and buy a glazed doughnut (the only kind I like) means I WANT IT. She tried to talk me out of it for about 4-5 minutes. For real. Told me about how bad they are for you, why wouldn’t I get a bagel instead? I thought there was a candid camera somewhere, and maybe there was. Right? Maybe somewhere across the globe people were watching me and laughing their heads off. Who knows. But I walked away with my two doughnuts. I told my co-workers and they laughed.

“Did you eat them?’

“No, now I don’t want to. I didn’t know they could stay in my stomach for five days.”

They laughed some more. I ate one, then eventually ate the second as a last hurrah. And yes, I eat doughnuts less than before.

but our granddaughter loves them

Donies she called them, don’t know if she still does, and loves them. As does their dog. The word doughnut could not be said in front of either a few years ago. So I heard that these Maine donies were good … and I tried one. And they are. So I’m back on the doughnut trail, albeit it being the Frosty’s doughnut trail in Maine. When we head back home from Maine, we buy as many as the shop has left, vacuum-seal, and freeze them for those special days when I don’t care what stays in my stomach for five days.

mermaid hair — don’t care

glazed donies in my belly — don’t care

took the photograph for the colors — not when i tasted my first Frosty’s (no glazed), but it was the first time i heard of them.
random scribbling in blog pile

… miss seeing the kiddos …