nor do I want to =)

Was about to post about the Scrapbook page on my site, which I may still do, but the second song playing is taking me out of the peaceful lane I was in. In a good way. Photos already picked, post already written, CS Lewis on my left for another reason, and the song Shoop comes on. Yes, Salt-N-Pepa’s Shoop.

the song reminds me

of “a time” and particularly of a friend I have not seen in a while. I really cannot do much but sing and dance when I hear it, even if I’m driving. It’s a miracle I can write.

Now, Ricky Martin — my other post is doomed (for now) 💃🏽. 

Must be one of the DAILA playlists: da for dance + ila for baila (dance in Spanish). Have eight dance playlists. Oh gosh, Prince, then Marky Mark, Maluma. 😊 (I’m searching for photos for the post.) Now planning to go, where else?, to get stuff to complete house projects. Yep, the other post has gone by the wayside. Oooo … Flo Rida! Who needs food

when moving is so satisfying!

yours truly on a party bus with a party gang