bugs bunny

he was a favorite of mine,

as was The Flintstones cartoon. I sketched him in pencil and colored him with pastels years ago, over twenty years ago. The small canvas has been in my offices, living rooms, bathrooms, home office. A company vice-president asked me to sell it to him. I couldn’t part with it, so I created another — nowhere nearly as “perfect” as this one — and I gave it to him. He told me he would have never known it wasn’t like the original. But it lacked the oomph this one has.

To me, it is perfect — others pale in comparison. That happens to me with all of the art I have created. When I try to replicate it, it becomes obsolete. I have been unable to capture any of it the same. It is never as good.  Kind of odd, I think. It happens with reading sometimes, most books lose their magic after the first reading, or after a few. Some never do. Anyway, I came upon this photo today by chance.

don’t really know where bugs is at this moment

Probably in a box. I’m looking around but no, don’t see it. He was the desktop art on my computer eons ago and made a cameo in my first novel. 😊 Truly. 

Osaka, Japan, October 10th

Today was uneventful. I have learned, though, to sleep on my feet and look busy. A group of teenagers came by our booth, and I showed them 3-D fabric on-screen and sketches of Bugs Bunny I’ve scanned. It was fun to laugh.

i changed the © document to “i showed them 3D fabric on screen and drawings i’ve done.

Thinking that I may change it back. It also got me thinking about things missing, like the letter my father wrote when we moved to the US, a football huddle in pencil + pastels, a garden sketch, a boy eating an apple …

walked out of my bedroom and on the wall saw Bugs Bunny

He’s been there for months! Wanda, a fish painting I bought in Matlacha, is usually there in the summertime.
. . .

definitely something to blog about — pardon the dangler