Thought before the holidays that I would want less color in the house. That is quite a statement, as I like color and mixing and combining it. But I want a cleansing of the palette, I guess, and bit by bit, after putting away and storing garlands and wreaths and Santas and reindeer, I am doing with less color and, by virtue, doing with less, period. I could be a minimalist if I chose to — and perhaps that’s what I am choosing for now. Except in my writing space, although I could.


  • Would it clear my mind?
  • Help my organizing and planning endeavors?
  • Would I enjoy the airy feeling of less?

Could be, but at this moment, I’d like to keep a place of visual and sensory extravaganza, a sort of feast.

The key phrase revolving around my thoughts is at this moment, which is neat (no pun intended) because I am usually a futuristic champion and a dweller of the past AT THE SAME TIME, but seem to be on the straight and narrow path of NOW.

The present is the only time in which any duty may be done or any grace received.

CS Lewis

GOT SIDETRACKED confirming the source of the quote above. I truly dislike, more like abhor, wasting time, a pet peeve of mine for so long … but time is not mine. I know this yet forget it often.


I know it’s the thing. Joanna Gaines might have had something to do with it, but it has been a desire of mine for over ten years. ! Yes, there’s always an obstacle, or a reason, or darting here and there and being safe, or opportunities (aka TIME) that fly out the window — I have “issues” with time <measurable period> and life <a quality, a principle {existence, condition, sum}, a state>. But since I decided and prepared for it last summer, I am doing it.

  • Put away extra stuff from shelves, tables, counters, floors, etc.
  • Swap colorful dish dishtowels with white, gray, black and white
  • Change shower curtain (I’ve collected a few over the years, and since they get swapped often they last longer)
  • Hang a new picture (new as in from the closet) and photos (I change these throughout the year, as I do plants — unless they do better in certain spots). It is fun to see how long it takes my husband to recognize a change. Years ago, his daughter and I painted a major wall in the house a different color, and he did not notice right away.
  • Change small area rug
  • Replace a curtain or two (as shower curtain above)

Just making a few changes will alter the look of a room or even the entire house. Doing them all is truly transforming.