even if it means

going through the desert

It has happened to me. I have also taken myself there. Seems to me many people of the earth are being taken into a desert of some sort. A desert is a desolate place where one has little choice but to address what must be addressed. It may be possible to leave the desert without totally doing so, but although stepping out of it, one may be taking the desert along, not entirely leaving it behind. It hadn’t occurred to me that the deserts could be different, that they would not be one and the same. Although, in essence, they are. What is the difference if they serve the same purpose, right? Hence, they are all the same. But who’s to tell?

Another memory floating in my mind today is the quote ‘the world … has been given to me …’, which I had read often enough but not until recently did it have an effect on me because I gleaned that whatever is of the world (worldly) is not of the spirit (spiritual). Both fragments marry in Luke 4, perhaps why the verse floated. Because, while in the desert, the world can be very tempting. Yet that is not the reason for writing today, so I will rein myself in. It is the opportunity to cleanse and let go of what hinders the true self that has been nudging me.

i do not have answers or rules or lists,

just the experience of passing through to a place of peace — which I cannot give or show to anyone, but which exists. Like many, I don’t remain in that place but move around it. Now and then, I fall into it or enter it. I am honing my skills so I can stay in it longer when I find it and find it easier when not in it.

let your heart be stirred, yet centered


in the desert of writers and thinkers,

of flyers and nomads,

of those who crave to purify their souls