will not rest
from one of the piles on my desk
scribbling 08.23.17

… the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.

Ruth 3
my eyes welled up … so honorable. so of his word!
a man who does what is right … right away. well, once someone opened his eyes

One of the most attractive qualities, to me, in a person, and that I profusely lack. But want. “Cumplir” in Spanish.

to be true to your word, do what you say you would — my definition. as of yet, i am unable to find the correct word in english

There are many other words in Spanish that I find difficult to translate, properly translate anyway, find the exact sentiment of the word (funny, because sentimiento is one of those words). And, although at the time I wrote “a man who does what is right” (because the original reference is to a man), the hope is global. I do not follow through. Sometimes yes, mostly eventually, at others …