your soul’s longing?

noted that “‘the darkness outside,’ the outer rim where being fades away into nonentity,” and the opposite “to be inside of some door which we have always seen from the outside”

CS Lewis

from The Problem of Pain + The Weight of Glory respectively
are about fulfilling the soul’s longing

fulfill: to convert into reality (second definition)

soulthe immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

longinga strong desire especially for something unattainable — the definition seems incomplete (perhaps because … it is? isn’t that the whole point of this post?)

reading the definitions together:

convert into reality our immaterial essence, something we strongly desire

melting started @ 7:00 a.m. hopefully all the snow will go away. i think snow flurries on Christmas eve is beautiful (snow flurries any day, even every day), but snow on the ground not so much

except in postcards

we saw his star in the east

Matthew 2

Merry, Merry Christmas!

may the gift remain in your heart