It is my opinion that we live in a garden and are free to choose which path to walk on, whether to sit on a bench or a seat, where and how we eventually dwell. And from there comes “everything” else. Some of us may teeter between areas of the garden, but overall, once accustomed to one, we seldom leave. I have had the image above in my mind for years. That I found it online is a miracle.

Darkness and light abound — the darkness with boundaries, like a room with a door, the light everywhere else. I am walking out and closing the door behind me. Stepping away from the road that leads to the garden where there is no peace, and meander instead through the freedom in my soul. It is there. Has always been,

Maybe that’s what it takes to be: expose what’s inside. But we allow too much to get in the way. These leaves we have strapped around ourselves, how can we dispose of them?  

Like A Blue Thread
Moon Dance

I have thought I grow into XYZ (XYZ = as famous as Casper the friendly ghost, who my Mom blamed for “things” none of us children admitted to doing), but I am beginning to see that more than growing, turning to, as well as veering from, changes | brings me closer to my true self.