Bring light. Every day. To everyone. Today.


after I wrote my daily affirmations. My heart is open and full. 6:20 a.m. Then wrote TO-DO on a notepad. Mmm, no, want to give it a different name. Reminders? No, no, no. Ahh, simple: things I want to do. 😉 When I change my perspective, my attitude re-adjusts.

So I wrote those kernels of joy on a lavender sticky note, picked up two books for my morning reading, and saw the two Q & A books that I have enjoyed so much but shunned since November 22. Have not done that in the almost six years in which I’ve been answering the daily questions!

what. is. up. with. that?

I know the date because I peeked yesterday. I have skipped a couple of days here and there before, but never so much! To ponder or shrug off? Seemed important, so I took up Smartpen and notebook and set aside reading to write this. Now I gotta go. 

written 12.12.20

Well, I decided this morning to tackle the month-long of unanswered questions. Yes, answer an entire month in one day (maybe two). Had not read the Daily Readings (CS Lewis) since that date either. Have read other CSL, but not that book.

Just noticed that I have a TO DO post, still at it.

thought for the day:

it makes a difference, so: smile