the bubble of morning
morning reading is my spiritual chai

How to make every hour of the day induce and provoke me like the first hours of the day? Could someone please tell me? Please? It’s when “tattoos” spring forward, when LIGHT envelopes, when hope abounds … is it because my mind is clear from meanderings? Because it is so quiet? Or because I have made it so special that it has become a special time?

it’s why i want tattoos

as a reminder of the peace some words instill in me when I read them … but I wonder if I write one on my wrist, would it have the effect later? So I did it. Last week. With a black marker.

Overall, morning is when I want to do EVERYTHING. It is when I feel empowered. Sounds — or looks, rather, I am writing — so silly on paper. Have the drive, no brakes hold me back in the early hours of the day. I am balanced, like a pendulum in the middle of turbulence, kind of still, yet pulsating with energy but peaceful.

i kept looking @ the word

on the inside of my wrist: a hem – the hem of a robe. What for years I thought — or took for, since if I had thought I would have realized it — was physical, is not, became aware of this just last fall. It is not the hem that heals, it’s the faith that the hem will heal. It is one of my favorites passages: about a woman who wants physical healing so bad she stretches her hand among a throng to touch the hem of a robe. I sometimes think that if I reach out, I will find what I need or want. Sometimes I don’t, sometimes I do. Most often, though, I accept that I really don’t need nor want much at all, that I have external desires (many!), and internal ones (fewer but more fulfilling). And I rest.