And then, I chose the image above, and that entails something a little different than a response. Although taking an interest is a response, it’s a new kind of action — but still a choice. Hmmm. Perhaps because taking a real interest means letting go of predetermined perceptions (that’s a mouthful! Does it even make sense?). Not sure if this will stay. May change the image to make it more apropos and not delve into taking an interest. Yet, the real part of the statement keeps me here, as I have been on a being realistic kick for a week or two. I sense a circle.
This post was in the Draft folder, and although I have loads to post, it intrigued me. Was both in a realistic and circle frame of mind last fall, which I continue to be. Do 💛 the image of the interested girl. Or expectant, perhaps? I’d rather she be curious — I expected so much so often.

Expectancy and hope differ a wee bit from each other.

go ahead + L I S T E N
(reminds me of the October 24th post, which also contains the word loads 🤷🏽‍♀️)