be careful what you sow

read something to that effect last week, and wrote it on a little piece of paper that has been sitting on top of my laptop | as i said once, to me, what we say and how we treat others are windows to our souls | and this, sowing, goes along the same vein


| ‘sō

1 : to plant

2 : to set something in motion

what we do and say, and sometimes even what we don’t, affects those around us | not because it is grand, or good or bad, but because we turn to one another, be it to a parent, a child, a partner, friend — to so many things and people, even in the abstract — for guidance, support, hope | which means that others turn to us too | we choose, most often than not, our walking path, if not our living paths | and we can choose how we interact with one another | we know, know, deep inside, where we dream and wonder and sigh | leaving the “what if” and the “but” behind |

the key, sort of, is to go for it

the door is already open