that which is blocked and buried within you forms the root of fear

Michael A Singer

may 05, 2020

Wished I had paired this note with the snippet.


october 1, 2019

I had no idea … just found a 2-page snippet that I do not recall writing. Right in the middle of a spiral notebook. Dated October 18, 2004.

So I went hunting. It did not take long — all spiral notebooks are together awaiting perusal, or review, rather. I was to place the writings where they belong by tearing the pages from the notebook and putting them in the boxes for each type. Woof, do I have places to put stuff! Anyway, now that I have it, I want to hide it. Not throw it out, hide it. But I see one of my characters in it, which is odd because that novel did not start in my mind until 2008. So it’s a theme. Of mine. Personal? Um … around the (some) edges. Ice in the veins happens.