appeal to me

like: surrender. To be truthful, many words appeal to me, but I wrote that one this morning as one of my daily gratitudes.

Something about the word sounds liberating — it’s a voluntary act of not just letting go, but of adding to letting go a freedom, which then leads to basking in a delicate light, or a breath. Something. Let me first be clear as crystal: I do not surrender much. Very little.

almost not at all

Yet just thinking or saying the word invites me to an airy place that just about sparkles and tinkles. And when I do so rarely surrender, that is exactly what happens. And surrendering does not leave me empty or powerless. On the contrary: it’s what I could call an emotional, spiritual, and mental carte blanche. Quite a mouthful, I know.

And I wonder:

why not then surrender all?


today I am grateful for

God’s word . honesty . kindness . truth . surrender

I have been MIA a bit lately, for days, but today feel the pull. It’s slightly physical. And I like it.  😊


After scribbling the snippet above, I read. The subject in one of the books this morning is surrender . . . out of the blissful blue =). I will not post the word’s definition because the dictionaries do not define it the way I live it. On the margin of a page in front of me are a few verses from Mathew 11 that sum it up better. The quote ends with:

I will give you rest.