are you happy


what a great banner!

If it is early, as it usually is when I read, the question is full of promise because I can choose to make the most positive and all-encompassing choices. Such as — not only positive for me, or not even positive for me at all, but for someone else. It is a Q&A Book question that I penned in orange ink and is taped to the monitor edge. And making good choices

is easier than expected,

although it may take a second or two to veer from the gut or involuntary response to a much more subdued and inner one. It’s seconds. That’s all it takes to get in the right gear.

i do not drive a stick-shift anymore, but boy do i like to!

there is something about it

I actually have not driven one (for the first time since I learned how to drive) in four to five years. Gasp! To me, there is a connection to the road, and to the simple act of driving, which I like very very much. Wonder how long it will take before I get it again if I have forgotten. Had not thought of this at all since I bought an automatic car — with paddles, but really, it’s not the same. Digressed a bit.

but must try it

back to the Q&A book question

yes: I am happy with my choices today, and with my choices lately