garden run

thought of taking a ride

To look, even if from the parking lot at The Farmer’s Daughter, and dream and sigh about gardens, really need to go. Somewhere. I may still do it to move, roam. Drive around then come home — don’t need to stop anywhere, just need to go. I have been isolated for a few years, I’m sorry to say, keeping to myself and home more than I care to admit, since I now work from home, so this social distancing hasn’t affected me much. Except that being told to do it makes me not want to do it. But I have, and shall continue to be safe.

The other thing I will do today: at last open the seed packets, clean containers, etc. to start gardening on my own. We have a test greenhouse. In the fall, we covered one of the beds (the one that gets the most sun in winter) by installing a stake and plastic tube dome, draping four mil plastic over it, and ‘searing’ it with rocks and terracotta planters.

surprisingly, it worked

Less than half what was inside survived, although I did not care for it well. At all, really. I did nothing but take the snow or ice off it eventually.

Since it works, we’re planning to create something studier next fall. A wee bit like our granddaughter’s bed frame. It’s the only way I can explain it to my husband.

i hear birds

For now, I will use the makeshift greenhouse to grow seeds. In the past, I used to plant in the living room and second-floor landing, which got the most sun, but it was too messy for me.

I can be messy enough, thank you very much.

The sun on the plastic creates moisture inside, and droplets fall on the ground, but most amazingly, create warmth and steaminess. My eyeglasses fog when I uncover it sometimes. So it is a bit arid in there. I understand that I don’t know what I’m doing and seem to prefer learning by experience, could read and find out exactly what to do, but this was an experiment. Now I expect I will need to water the seeds since it is spring and the experiment is over and I want stuff: green stuff. Must also order collinear hoe missing part and culantro seeds (cilantro’s hefty cousin).

The Farmer’s Daughter garden center is closed — as it should be. Good thing I checked before leaving. Although the ride there would be nice.