last night’s dreams

I don’t recall dreams much, not like I used to — which was a lot. But I woke up after a couple of dreams and, of course, remembered them. I could go on a tangent about mind control + dreams!

but I won’t =)

Suffice it to say that I remained awake over an hour thinking about the dreams and imagining what made me dream them, connecting something to reality, etc. But what revolved in my mind was my college Psychology class. Yes, that’s what I thought of in the wee hours of the morning.

why do you ask?

Because I learned that:

  • Reading what a professor assigns pays off
  • I could memorize anything
  • Association is powerful as a means
  • I liked attention more than I had known
  • How often we dream

I wanted to do well in college — in all of school, really. Not because of my parents, as they barely looked at my report cards once I got to high school, but because I wanted to learn, wanted to be there, in the know. So I worked out problems (beyond what was assigned), researched, read as I was told. The Psychology professor asked the class a question, then looked around the room, disappointed that no one had the answer. Except that I did, and I couldn’t believe no one else did.

i raised my hand

Yes, incredible if you had known me. It happened again in the next class. And the one after. When he asked a question a class later, most of the students turned to me. And, yes, I had the answer. Even I was amazed because of where it came from. See, the answers were topics and headlines in the readings he assigned; some were captions of photographs in the book. All one had to do was crack open the book and look around. The best one, after which he let the class in on the secret, was when he wrote a number on the blackboard and asked who could figure out what it was. Of course, I did. The number was


He told the class it seemed only one person in the room read what he assigned. He didn’t clue them in further, and I liked that. I got an A — probably the only one. =) But I learned to memorize and, more importantly, to associate. And it helped me incredibly in the rest of my classes and throughout life. It’s not that I have the memory of an elephant; it is that I associate things and they remain alive in my mind because of the ties. Seems convoluted, but it isn’t.

one of the most useful lessons i’ve had

I could so digress about the enormously talented educators I had throughout my life, but I won’t. =) YOU’RE WELCOME.

The dreams I had last night? I’m not going there. One was odd only because I dreamt it in 2021, and it had to do with my previous job, which I left in 2016; the other was plain strange. Like: whaaaaat? Yet, what kept me awake was what I learned about dreams in general — that we dream a handful of times every night, for example. And since I don’t remember dreams much anymore, remembering two from one night was different. So I tried to associate what happened in the dreams . . .


And the remembrance of dreams continues 😑 — at least it was just one.